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Gulliver is located in the Upper Peninsula just 12 miles east of Manistique, on the shores of Gulliver Lake.

It has four lakes, Gulliver, McDonald, Clear and Little Muddy Lake. The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse is an operational light and the only working light on the northern shores of Lake Michigan.

A day trip to Manistique is a must do while visiting Gulliver. Kitch-iti-kipi is Michigan's largest spring spanning two hundred feet across and forty feet deep.

Native Americans and French fur traders traveled in canoes across the rough waters of Lake Michigan. It was named by the French who found that it was the only harbor of refuge in this part of Lake Michigan. If boats were headed for the Straits of Mackinac, the only choice for safety was Seul Choix. 

During the mid-1800's Seul Choix Point was the center of a thriving fishing community, buttoday, only the lighthouse complex is still active. The light still operates, but with an automated replacement for its original lens. The light was placed into service in 1892, but the tower had to be rebuilt and the station was not entirely completed until September, 1895.

The conical brick light tower rests on an ashlar foundation 12 feet high, with 5 feet below grade, and has a diameter of 18 feet at the base of the brickwork, and 12 feet, 8 inches at the parapet and is open for climbing. The tower is surmounted by a 10-sided cast iron lantern that originally held a Third Order Fresnel lens manufactured by Le Paute of Paris. The lantern is now fitted with a modern airport beacon lens.

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